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About Us

                                                           Established 2005                            

In 2005 podcasting began, which is good, as Broadcast Radio is well and truly a dead thing. It’s too depressing to go into why and how, but those who love radio left broadcasting in order to create original content in the manner of what we knew to work. This why we say, admittedly glibly paraphrasing Salvador Dalí, that:

“The only difference between us and Network Radio, is that, we are Not A Network”

In the Spring of 2005, NPC first produced a series of sporting event shows (Ringside with Shiverin’ Liz). These were live on-location recordings of small time Championship wrestling shows in tiny towns across the Midwest. It was the World’s First Sports Podcast featuring live play-by-play (or Blow-by-Blow) coverage of any kind of Sporting Event.

As of 2017 two shows are in current production: The Optimistic Almanac and Dear Miss Clipcord: Your Tattoo Advice Podcast We hope you will sample these shows, and let us know how you enjoy them.

NPC is entirely listener-supported through fundraisers just like on public radio. We are a 501-C-3 Non-Profit Educational Publisher.  Donations to NPC are Tax Deductible. We are seeking Corporate Underwriting which will enjoy the same Tax Deductible benefits that our listeners do, knowing that their dollars are helping to make the world a wee bit better, and certainly more entertaining.

For information on how you can reach our thousands of subscribed listeners with your underwriter’s message, please write and one of our account specialists will be in touch.