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The Optimistic Almanac


The Optimistic Almanac

Monday Through Friday released before 1200HRS EST

Producer & Host Tori Kensington

Research by Lexie Caligari

Engineering by Shiverin’ Liz

The Optimistic Almanac Is a week-day show about 5 minutes in length (although sometimes longer) which is delivered each morning. We hope its inspiring, and a helpful way to face the  Current (post election) Zeit Geist.

Tori tries to de-mark historical events and folks of note, especially those you’ve never heard of before, in order to be encouraging and show a positive attitude.


Any inference with any political views are utterly denied, and any resemblance to any position or view in a liberal, conservative, progressive vein, or any other kind of position is purely accidental, and coincidental to historical factual occurrences.